Concrete Slab Repair

Patios, driveways, or foundations. These all constitute concrete slabs that we have around our properties which may require repairs. No matter the location, concrete slabs can all be affected by shifting ground in the same way. They are not meant to be flexible so will eventually start to crack and create an unstable concrete slab that is supposed to be upholding a large amount of weight. Therefore, the experts here at Harlingen Foundation Repair have the tools and experience to eliminate those pesky cracks that are destroying the concrete slabs in your home or business.


A patio is a simple concrete slab that improves the landscaping around our homes. They are used for hosting parties during the summer or playing basketball with your kids. However, a cracked patio can create trip hazards that are dangerous for anyone trying to walk or play. Whether you are carrying a tray of freshly grilled burgers or simply settling into your favorite lounge chair, you shouldn’t have to worry about stubbing your toe and tripping face first onto your patio. Our concrete slab repair can include any size patio that is cracking from the shifting ground.


Most residential driveways are poured from concrete which result in a concrete slab designed for parking vehicles. Between the weight of your vehicles and shifting ground, concrete slabs can crack and wither over time. This can lead to trip hazards for people walking in a driveway, and certain cracks can be so severe that they will alter the slope of your driveway and cause drainage issues. The list of problems can be continually added up, but there is no need since you have a top-rated foundation repair company in your town who is prepared to fix any concrete slab that you need repaired. Call us to receive a free inspection estimate on what we can do for your concrete slab.

Foundation Repair

Foundations are the backbone of any building that is constructed. They are dug into the ground and designed to be the platform for which your building is established. However, the ground underneath these foundations do not always behave accordingly. Over time, the ground can shift from the natural movement of the earth or through issues such as poor drainage. Water drainage can quickly erode the ground that supports your foundation. Foundation repair doesn’t just end with a fixed crack but requires the analyzing the issue that is leading to the damaged foundation. Our staff will fix the foundation and the cause of the issue.

Experienced Repairers

We have several years of experience serving the Harlingen, TX community with quality concrete slab repair. There are very few scenarios that we do not know how to handle. Our staff is cross-trained and more than prepared to handle any situation that arises during the repair process. Additionally, we stress clear communication between our staff members and to our customers. This ensures that every staff member is aware of what is happening during projects in case any member needs to take over for another. Also, we want to keep customers informed so will be easy to reach with any questions about the project we are working on.

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