Commercial properties have a myriad of concrete slabs and foundational issues that can arise. Some commercial properties with large store rooms can have a large foundation. These store rooms can crack and shift which can affect the quality of environment where the goods are being stored. It is important that store rooms do not allow rodents, insects, or other environmental factors to affect the products being store. Given the large size of the foundations associated with commercial properties, it can be difficult to figure out where the problem is originating from. Our company is prepared to locate the problem and fix it.

Locating the Problem

The larger the surface area, the more difficult it can be to locate where the issue is. A large basement foundation in a commercial property can be cracking on one side due to the shifting of soil on the opposite side of the building. Harlingen Foundation Repair is aware of this and are experienced with locating the problem area. This way, you can be assured that the foundation is fixed and that the cracks won’t return. We want your business to maintain a clean and professional reputation by having a well-kept foundation.

Additional Support

Further support is available for all properties, including commercial properties. Support can be added to commercial foundations to keep your property functioning efficiently. We have a variety of methods, and we will design a unique support structure that is best suited for your commercial property. To determine whether we can increase the support and stability for your property, please contact our main office line where we will coordinate with you and provide a free inspection on your foundation. Methods of support vary depending on the type of foundation and the issues that you are facing.

Sidewalk Repair

Sidewalk cracking can be caused by the same issues that crack foundations. And even some sidewalk issues can be indicative of more serious problems that damage foundations. If we can get on top of the problems early enough, then we can identify what is causing your shifting soil and, ultimately, put an end to the disruption before it becomes more serious. A cracking sidewalk should be inspected to determine what is causing it so that it can be repaired promptly. We do sidewalk inspections and repairs as part of the foundation repair process. It allows us to have an idea of more serious issues.ructed. They are dug into the ground and designed to be the platform for which your building is established. However, the ground underneath these foundations do not always behave accordingly. Over time, the ground can shift from the natural movement of the earth or through issues such as poor drainage. Water drainage can quickly erode the ground that supports your foundation. Foundation repair doesn’t just end with a fixed crack but requires the analyzing the issue that is leading to the damaged foundation. Our staff will fix the foundation and the cause of the issue.

Restaurant/Bar Patios

Commercial properties that have large decks, patios, or outdoor areas are vulnerable to concrete slab cracking. Cracked concrete slabs are a danger to patrons as they tend to walk around at night time where visibility is at its lowest. Additionally, waitstaff who are attempting to deliver food or maneuver around seats can be at risk for tripping over the cracked slab. None of these situations are ideal, and the sooner the slabs are repaired, the safer the business will be. We want to help our community by keeping the slabs around commercial properties well maintained and repaired. Call about a free estimate today.


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