Concrete/Steel Pilings

For homes with dug out foundations that are more permanent, we provide concrete or steel pilings for the leveling process. This is a process that helps to stabilize the dirt around your home, while also providing structural pilings for support of your foundation. Concrete or steel pilings both work for the leveling, so we will decide which style of piling is best for your situation. Pilings are beneficial for leveling your home and stabilizing the dirt around your home. We have the equipment to install the pilings quick and easy so that we take up little of your time. Commercial or residential jobs we’ve got you covered!

Safety First

Utilizing high pressure hydraulics to drive pilings into the ground can be very dangerous if not done right. A person or contractor who claims to be able to do this without work history to support their claims could cause catastrophic problems to your home, themselves, or to the property owner. We put safety first by wearing proper protective equipment. Also, our equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to be certain that it will be able to function properly. The hydraulics hoses and connections are checked before and after every job, so that we know the pressure passing through the lines will not cause a blowout.

Concrete Pilings

Concrete pilings come in a variety of shapes and sizes so no matter the job, there is a piling that can fit your needs. They are resistant to water, rust, and other methods of corrosion that can afflict other materials. Cylindrical concrete piers are a preferred method given the even flexibility they have throughout the piling. Concrete pilings are sturdy and a reliable pillar for foundations needing extra support. Pilings are installed using a pneumatic press that drives them down until they reach a point of refusal, or the point where there is compacted resistance.

Steel Pilings

Steel pilings are more expensive for an install given the material that they are made of. However, their distinct advantage over concrete pilings is that they are able to be driven much deeper into the ground. Some of these pilings can even be driven nearly down to bedrock where they will provide a high level of structural support to your foundation. Steel pilings are best for areas that need a high level of support. Every situation is a little different, so we will analyze your soil and foundation and recommend whether steel or concrete pilings are a better fit you’re your home.

Which is Best?

As mentioned before, steel pilings are capable of undergoing more stress and are therefore able to be driven deeper into the ground. The deeper down the pilings go, the more likely that we will hit a compact soil or bedrock where the piling will rest. Concrete pilings are more cost effective and better in certain situations. They can provide plenty of support and will be driven deep enough to improve the longevity of your foundation. Soil samples and a thorough analysis of your property will determine which piling is best for your home. Picture * Indicates required field Name * First Last Phone Number * Email * Property Address * Line 1 Line 2 City State Zip Code Country Description of Work Requested *

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