Pier & Beam Repair

Older homes are sometimes built without a foundation. Instead, they were often constructed with a system known as pier and beam. What is a pier and beam design? If you can imagine the way you design a home with Lincoln logs, this is similar to a pier and beam design. It requires the building of a foundation using boards in a cross-sectional pattern. This will be the foundation of your home, although the pier and beams are built above ground. Over time, these systems can rot and weaken which will lead to problems in your flooring.

Block and Base Repair

In addition to providing pier and beam repairs, we also specialize in block and base repairs. These are similar home foundation systems that provide foundation functionality that is almost the same as one another. However, block and base homes have different areas where they can fail and should thus be treated differently in the repair process. Luckily, our experts know what to look for and are experienced in block and base repair. We are equipped to repair block and base foundations and assist with getting your home level, stable, and prepared for a secured living environment.

Problem Areas

Pier and beam designed homes will be susceptible to failure over time, and if a repair company doesn’t know where to target their repairs, then the wear can lead to severe flooring damage. The entire pier and beam design does not have to be completely remodeled during the repair process. We know this, and we are prepared to focus our repairs on the areas that tend to be the most problematic. However, we will still provide your pier and beam foundation with a thorough inspection to make sure that we completely fix any areas that require upkeep.

Reasons for Wear

Pier and beam foundations sit above the ground and are susceptible to a variety of issues. The most common being flowing water that drains under your home, barrages the beams, and then trickles out the other side. Water can weaken connections, cause beams to develop mold, and create unwanted warping. Warping will distort flooring and will make for uneven walking surfaces. Small critters can also cause damage to pier and beam foundations as they crawl under your home and create a house of their own. They can scratch and chew on beams that will weaken the integrity of the wood.

Thorough Inspection

Our experts do not settle for work that is only half done. We complete jobs every time and do them right the first time. A thorough inspection will be performed to ensure that we fix every area of the damaged pier and beam system. There is no area that we will shy away from, and if it is a questionable area, then we will consult the homeowners before repairing a minor spot. This will keep your costs low, and you will always know what we are charging for. We want to continue our reputation of quality work and effective communicators.

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