House Leveling

Yes, homes can get off kilter, no matter how stable they are built. This isn’t due to any construction process or from poor design work but is the result of shifting earth and unstable soil that naturally develops over time. If your home is having foundation problems and it is a new build, then it could be the result of improper compaction of soil. Older homes, on the other hand, will just naturally settle and shift over time as the ground they sit on shifts. We like to take over at this time with our expert home leveling.

Proper Leveling

If a home is leveled without doing a full overhaul and diagnosing the root of the problem, then the leveling will be pointless. Therefore, we guarantee that we will do the proper leveling by analyzing every aspect of the home. This will ensure that we fix the problem which is leading to the unlevel home. We want to provide you with a level that is long-term and will give you the peace of mind that your home is stable. Feel comfortable, when we complete the work, knowing that your home was leveled properly and that the job was done right.

Leveling Process

Leveling of a home requires literally lifting up areas of the house and adding repairs. We will spend time in the home determining where the floor is lagging down, and to what degree. This way, we know for certain what area needs lifted and can decide if there are any unsafe spots that we need to take extra precaution with. For pier and beam homes, we will jack the home up and add in main beams in the areas that are slacking. Other foundation styles will require different leveling processes, so we will create a plan for you.

Specially Designed

Each home leveling is unique since every home presents a different situation that needs addressed. We will custom-design your home leveling to meet the needs of your property. It will never be assumed that every home level is identical. Your home will be given a thorough inspection which will result in a clear plan of action before we start the work. Harlingen Foundation Repair treats every project unique and will devote as much time as necessary ensuring that there is a clear plan and understanding of what needs to occur before the home leveling is started.

Any Foundation

No matter what foundation your home is built on, pier and beam, blocks, or concrete, or concrete/steel pilings, we can level it. Our equipment is varied and capable of performing home leveling on any type of foundation that we may discover in Harlingen, TX. When you trust us to do your home leveling, you are trusting our highly reviewed and respected company who has been repairing foundations and leveling homes around the community for several years. Every foundation style is capable of being leveled as long as the contractors have the right tools and knowledge to perform the job.


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